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  • 45% Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 45% Glucosamine 10% Vitamine C

    – For maintaining healthy joints, tendons and bones. – To support physical exertion. – To support the joints and tendons in growing young dogs.250 gr
  • K9 Essential muscle powder

     19,95 29,95
    With the K9 Essential Muscle Powder, amino acids for dogs, you ensure that your dog gets all the essential amino acids to build muscles. Most dogs do not always get this due to poor quality food or allergies to certain products.
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    Bully Max Weight Gainer

    STACK DISCOUNT!!3 bottles 10% discount6 bottles 20% discountA protein-rich powerhouse, this concentrated energy gel will help any dog ​​gain weight safely and effectively!HIGH IN CALORIES: 2,400 calories per 16 oz.COMPLETELY NATURAL: Helps your dog gain weight safely and effectivelyEFFICIENT: Adds a healthy weight to your dog in a short timeEASIER TO USE: Can be fed with a syringe, added to water or added to food
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    BullyMax Pro Series 11-1 muscle gain chews

    THE GORILLA MAX REPLACEMENT!!Bully Max Pro series products are developed with the involvement of professionals and based on their experience. Only the best ingredients are used to ensure maximum efficiency.The product formulations have been created with the absolute maximum in mind to help both professionals and dog enthusiasts always to achieve the best results.
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